ACARA policies

Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct outlines the expected professional and personal behaviour of all employees, executives and affiliates, while representing ACARA and achieving ACARA’s mission.
ICON - PDF  ACARA Code of Conduct  (PDF 178 kb)

Conflict of interest policy

The Conflicts of Interest policy enables ACARA employees, executives, affiliates and other individuals who work with and/or represent ACARA to effectively identify, disclose and manage any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest.

ICON - PDF  Conflict of interest policy (PDF 166 kb)

Freedom of information (FOI) policy

The FOI policy has been created, in accordance with s.8 of the FOI Act, to provide members of the public with information to allow them to effectively exercise their rights under the FOI Act. It provides a framework for balancing the public's right to access information held by the Government against protecting the privacy of individuals. An outline of the types of documents held by ACARA and the procedures for gaining access to those documents are provided in this policy.

Visit the 'Freedom of Information policy' page for more information.

Complaints handling policy

ACARA’s Complaints Handling policy has been created to support ACARA to effectively manage, record and report stakeholder complaints and feedback and to handle complaints in a manner which is fair, courteous and respects the privacy of the person making the complaint.

ICON - PDF ACARA Complaints Handling Policy PDF 65 kb) 

Privacy policy

Visit the 'ACARA website privacy statement' page for more information

Social media policy

Like many organisations, we will use social media to keep our stakeholders informed about issues and alerts, news, upcoming events and information we think might interest you.

Visit the 'Social media policy' page for more information