About us

Who we are

Our purpose
To be the authoritative source of advice on, and delivery of, national curriculum, assessment and reporting for all Australian education ministers, with international recognition of our work.

Our vision
Inspire improvement in the learning of all young Australians through world-class curriculum, assessment and reporting.

We do this through the development and ongoing refinement of the Australian Curriculum, national assessment including NAPLAN, and reporting on schooling in Australia.

We are an independent statutory authority. We are unique in that we have a national leadership role and take a national approach to setting educational expectations for all Australians. 

Our work is set and agreed by all of Australia’s education ministers in the form of the Education Ministers Meeting.

View ACARA Strategic Plan 2022–2025 (PDF 159 kb).

What we do

Australian Curriculum

ACARA developed the Australian Curriculum.

In September 2015, Australia’s education ministers endorsed the Foundation – Year 10 curriculum. The curriculum provides teachers, parents, students and the community with a clear understanding of what students should learn regardless of where they live or what school they attend. 

The national curriculum was introduced to improve the quality, equity and transparency of Australia’s education system.

Assessment (NAPLAN and NAP sample assessments)

The National Assessment Program includes NAPLAN and NAP Sample assessments.

NAPLAN is a national consistent measure to determine whether or not students are meeting important educational outcomes.

These assessments test students' knowledge of what is in the Australian Curriculum and tell us whether our students are developing the essential skills they will need in life, like literacy and numeracy.

Reporting on schooling (My School and other reports)

The My School website is as a resource for parents, educators and the community to find comparable information about each of Australia’s schools. We also report on a number of key education indicators through the national report on schooling.