What does ACARA report?

ACARA is responsible for collecting, managing, analysing, evaluating and reporting statistical and related information about the educational outcomes of schooling for young Australians. ACARA reports a large amount of data on schools and school students, bringing together information from education and statistical agencies around Australia.

ACARA’s reporting is guided by the Education Goals for Young Australians and education ministers' commitment to action, which are stated in the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration. The Measurement Framework for schooling in Australia contains the list of measures of the performance of schools and systems that ministers have agreed.


The National Report on Schooling in Australia

ACARA publishes the annual National Report on Schooling in Australia on behalf of Australian education ministers as the record of progress towards the goals and commitment in the Education Declaration. The report includes information on:

  • School structures, and school, teacher and student numbers
  • Major programs and initiatives to support students and schools achieve educational goals and support the commitment to action
  • School resourcing

The most recent statistical information on schooling can be accessed on the National Report on Schooling data portal, which includes time series data, charts and tables, and downloadable datasets.


My School

The My School website supports national transparency and accountability for Australia's schools by publishing nationally consistent school-level data about every school in Australia, including student attendance, NAPLAN results and school finances. 


The National Assessment Program

ACARA publishes national reports for the National Assessment Program – literacy and numeracy (NAPLAN) and for the National Assessment Program sample assessments. These reports and information on them are available on ACARA’s National Assessment Program (NAP) website.


Other data and reporting functions

The Australian Schools List

ACARA maintains a list of all currently registered schools in Australia, the Australian Schools List


Data collection standards

ACARA also publishes the National Standards for Student Attendance Data Reporting to make sure this is consistent and the Data Standards Manual: Student Background Characteristics  to help schools (and school systems) collect consistent student  information from parents. ACARA collects attendance data for all schools and collects student background data directly from independent schools and school systems.


The data access program

ACARA has a data access program to allow researchers and other approved parties access to its data collection. Data is provided in accordance with the Data Access Protocols.

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