Fraud and non-compliance

What is fraud?

Fraud involves dishonestly obtaining a benefit, or causing a loss, by deception or other means. Fraud requires intent. It requires more than carelessness, accident, or error. When intent cannot be shown, an incident may be non-compliance rather than fraud. Examples of fraud include:

  • accounting fraud (e.g., false invoices, misappropriation)
  • misuse of Commonwealth assets, equipment, or facilities, and
  • making, or using, false, forged, or falsified documents.

What is non-compliance?

ACARA is subject to a range of Commonwealth and state legislation, organisational standards, codes and principles of good governance, and accepted community and ethical standards.

To ensure ACARA adheres to its legal obligations and continues to promote a culture of compliance, please report any suspected non-compliance 

To report suspected fraud/non-compliance, please complete our Fraud and non-compliance reporting form.