The Arts, Foundation – Year 10 (Version 8.4)

Australian Curriculum: The Arts includes curriculum for five distinct yet related subjects:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Media Arts
  • Music
  • Visual Arts.

These subjects have close relationships and are often used in interrelated ways. At the same time, each has a distinct body of knowledge, understanding and skills, and reflects different approaches to arts’ practices and critical and creative thinking. The curriculum for each subject examines past, current and emerging arts’ practices across a range of cultures and places.

The curriculum entitles all Australian students to engage with these five arts subjects from Foundation to the end of primary school. It assumes that schools are best placed to determine how this will occur. The curriculum also assumes that students will have opportunities to experience one or more arts subjects in depth from the first year of secondary school, and that in Years 9 and 10, students will be able to specialise in one or more arts subject.

The Australian Curriculum: The Arts was published in July 2015.

The curriculum includes content and achievement standards for each arts subject at Foundation,Years 1–2, Years 3–4, Years 5–6, Years 7–8 and Years 9–10. Additional achievement standards at F–6 can be used by schools to assess student achievement in learning programs based on two or more arts subjects, such as a performing arts program that draws on Dance and Drama.

Visit the Australian Curriculum website to view the Foundation – Year 10 Australian Curriculum: The Arts.

The development of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts


Development of the Australian Curriculum for The Arts began with a position paper that discussed key matters, including the definition of The Arts, organisation of the curriculum, structure of the curriculum and The Arts’ relationship to other learning areas and subjects.


ACARA appointed a lead writer for the development of the shape paper for The Arts, with the assistance of an advisory group and discipline experts for each art form (dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts). An initial advice paper was examined at a national forum in May 2010, which brought together experts, teachers and stakeholders from across the education and arts communities.

A draft shape paper was then developed, and further consultation undertaken across Australia between October 2010 and January 2011. Extensive feedback was received from stakeholders during this period. Findings from the consultation informed the final Shape of the Australia Curriculum: The Arts document.

Read the Shape of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts consultation report (PDF 1.6 mb).

Following consultation revisions, the Shape of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts (PDF 277 kb)  was published. This document provided broad directions for the development of The Arts curriculum.


The draft Australian Curriculum: The Arts Foundation – Year 10 was developed and then consulted upon with significant input from teachers, academics, professional teachers’ associations, education authorities, and the arts industry and community. Feedback from consultation informed revisions to the draft curriculum in preparation for validation of the achievement standards.

Read the Draft Australian Curriculum: The Arts Foundation – Year 10 consultation report (PDF 2.1 mb).


Validation and refinement of the F–10 Australian Curriculum: The Arts achievement standards took place.


The AC: The Arts was published ‘for use’ in February.


In response to the review of the Australian Curriculum, additional achievement standards were developed for F–6 The Arts. The revised Australian Curriculum: The Arts was published in December after the review of the Australian Curriculum was completed.


Work sample portfolios for Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts were published on the Australian Curriculum website. Each portfolio demonstrates student learning in relation to the achievement standard.

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