ACARA news, May 2024

New report shows that overall science scores for Australian students remain steady

29 May 2024

The latest National Assessment Program report released today by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) shows that results in science literacy for students across Australia have overall remained steady. However, it also highlights that some disparities persist depending on a student’s background.

The 2023 National Assessment Program – Science Literacy (NAP–SL) Report provides results from the NAP Science Literacy Sample assessments undertaken in 2023. The assessments test students’ general science literacy skills and knowledge in a sample of schools across the country.

Commenting on the report, ACARA’s Acting CEO Stephen Gniel said, “the latest NAP Science Literacy report offers a wealth of information on the knowledge, understandings and abilities of Year 6 and Year 10 students within a science literacy context. 

“The report also provides valuable insights for policymakers in education, including ministers, senior education officials, as well as school leaders and teachers and all those committed to improving educational outcomes for all young Australians.” 

Completion of the Australian Curriculum: Languages Review

08 May 2024

The review of the Australian Curriculum: Languages has now been completed. 

The following languages curricula and language frameworks are now available on the Australian Curriculum, Version 9.0 website:

  • Arabic 

  • Auslan 

  • Chinese for Background and First-language learners 

  • Classical Greek 

  • Classical Languages Framework 

  • Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages 

  • Hindi 

  • Latin 

  • Turkish 

  • Vietnamese

"These latest subjects to be reviewed make up a large and important part of the languages learning area in the Australian Curriculum,” said acting ACARA CEO Stephen Gniel.

“On behalf of ACARA, I’d like to thank everyone who provided their input into the review process. It will help ensure we have an Australian Curriculum that meets the needs of the next generation of Australian children.” 

The conclusion of the Australian Curriculum: Languages review also marks the final part of the full Review of the F-10 Australian Curriculum which began in 2020. After an extensive and consultative review process, the Australian Curriculum, Version 9.0 was formally endorsed by all federal and state/territory education ministers in April 2022. 

The Australian Curriculum Review’s terms of reference provided for the Languages curricula to be reviewed and endorsed in phases, with the languages French, Japanese, Chinese and Italian having been reviewed and endorsed as part of the first phase. 

The remaining languages of the Australian Curriculum then went through the review process in phases, including public consultation, before being approved and published.

With the review process finished, the full Australian Curriculum is now available on the Australian Curriculum, Version 9.0 website.