ACARA news, August 2019

NAPLAN Online transition timeline extension

13 August 2019

On 28 June, the Education Council received an update on the progress of NAPLAN Online. This year, around 50 per cent of schools across the country undertook NAPLAN Online. While the majority of the students taking the tests online did not experience disruption and were able to complete the tests successfully, there were significant connectivity disruptions across jurisdictions with a substantial number of students affected.

The Education Council agreed to extend the current transition timeline by one year, with all schools to undertake NAPLAN Online by 2021.

Ministers also reaffirmed a key aim of moving NAPLAN online is a simpler and more efficient experience for schools and students.   

Reporting of NAPLAN 2019 results

05 August 2019

The Education Council (comprising all Australia’s education ministers) met on Friday 2 August to consider reporting of NAPLAN 2019 results.

The Education Council endorsed reporting individual student results with a caveat about the need to interpret NAPLAN results with care.

See the Council's communique.