ACARA news, March 2018

My School updated for 2018

07 March 2018

Today, the My School website has been updated, providing up-to-date, readily accessible information about all of Australia's schools.

For educators, the website allows for the sharing of information about school achievements, with the aim of supporting and driving improvement across the nation.

For parents, My School provides a wealth of valuable information to help make informed decisions about their child's education.

“Based on stakeholder feedback, we have taken the opportunity to redevelop the site to make it mobile-friendly, easier to use and more engaging for visitors,” said ACARA CEO, Robert Randall.

“In revamping the My School website, we have set out to make it more accessible and understandable. The presentation of some data has been made easier to understand, including in areas of ‘gain’ in NAPLAN scores – a key indicator of how successful a school has been in improving literacy and numeracy learning.”

Mr Randall said that while schools are certainly much more than just their NAPLAN results, literacy and numeracy are the fundamental skills all children need to be successful in and beyond school.

“The information provided on My School, including a school’s NAPLAN results, is a valuable source of data for parents and educators,” he said.

“The focus of My School is about enabling fair comparisons between schools and celebrating success where we see schools have achieved gain in results over time. It is not about league tables or ranking.

“By looking at what individual schools are doing at a local level to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes, those learnings can be used by other schools to lift achievement across the board.”

Some of those learnings are available in a series of short case studies on our website, written by principals of schools that have demonstrated substantially above average gain in NAPLAN 2017.

For more information, visit the My School website.