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March 2024

Are you ready for NAPLAN?

NAPLAN tests start on 13 March and run until 25 March.

Did you know that around 1.3 million students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 across 9,400 schools are expected to take part in NAPLAN this year.

It’s a large-scale operation and ACARA has been working with education authorities and schools across the country to make sure the tests go as smoothly as possible.

More than 2,500 different test questions that have been set, tested and checked to ensure they are suitable. By the end of the test window, we are expecting more than 4.4 million assessments will have been completed online. You can learn more about the test on the NAP website.

Try our NAPLAN demonstration site

Our demonstration tests are a fun way for students to become familiar with the format of NAPLAN tests. You can find out more on the NAPLAN Public Demonstration Site.

Earlier NAPLAN results for schools

Schools and education authorities will receive preliminary student and school NAPLAN results in time for the start of Term 2, around 4 weeks after the test period ends on 25 March 2024. 

This is 8 weeks earlier than in 2023, a full school term earlier than 2022 and the earliest in the history of NAPLAN. 

It means teachers will have more time to consider the results alongside their own assessments, and then use them to inform their teaching and learning programs in the current school year. 

Find out more about the earlier NAPLAN results for schools.

Release of the National Report on Schooling in Australia 2022

ACARA has published the complete National Report on Schooling 2022. It outlines the national policy for school education in Australia and reports against key performance measures for schooling.

Last year, ACARA began progressively releasing this report, in a commitment to support transparency and accountability through making information more accessible.

This release includes new information about government funding of schools as well as school income and expenditure. Each section of the report includes corresponding data portal pages which provide interactive data visualisations to enable data breakdowns, including by state, territory, and equity group.

Release of the My School February 2024 Update

The latest information on school attendance and post-school destinations has been released on the My School website.

ACARA has published the 2023 Term 3 School attendance and 2022 Post-School destinations (where students have gone after school) data.

For more information, please visit the My School website.