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February 2024

Get ready for NAPLAN: 13 - 25 March

In 2024 NAPLAN tests start on 13 March and run until 25 March. NAPLAN is an assessment that helps teachers, parents and carers see how students are progressing in literacy and numeracy over time. NAPLAN tests what students have been learning every day in the classroom in their previous years at school and is linked to the Australian Curriculum: English and Mathematics. Find out more about NAPLAN.

Why are NAPLAN tests online?

Doing the NAPLAN assessment online means students get a more tailored (or adaptive) test with questions more suited to their abilities. It means they can show what they know and can do. It’s a better assessment that provides more precise results and is more engaging for students. Learn more about online assessment. Note: the only exception to the test being online is that Year 3 students do the writing test on paper.

Try our NAPLAN demonstration site

Our public demonstration site is a fun way for students to become familiar with the format of NAPLAN tests. Visit our online demonstration site.

Read our NAPLAN Information for parents and carers

Read our handy parents and carers guide to frequently asked questions about NAPLAN. This guide also includes a detailed NAPLAN test timetable, so parents and carers know what to expect. Read NAPLAN 2024: Information for parents and carers (PDF, 203 KB).

Need a replacement copy of a NAPLAN report?

If you need a replacement copy of your child’s NAPLAN report, you’ll need to contact the school where they did the test. If the school does not have a copy of the report, they can arrange for a replacement. ACARA doesn’t have access to individual student reports so we can’t arrange for another report to be issued.

Updated Curriculum connection: Food and wellbeing resource for teachers

We want to make sure our young people are equipped with the key information and skills they need when it comes to health and wellbeing. That’s why, working with a range of stakeholders including The Embrace Collective and Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA), we’ve updated our Curriculum connection resource on food and wellbeing education.

This resource helps teachers to better understand where important issues in relation to food and nutrition education feature in the Australian Curriculum, Version 9.0. It promotes talking about food that is nutritious and nourishing in a positive way. It provides advice about the personal challenges about food that students might face, which teachers should be aware of when teaching this content. Read Understand this Curriculum connection | Food and wellbeing.

New professional development resources for teachers

Our friends at the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) have just released some new evidence-informed professional development tools and resources for educators. Whether you’re a pre-service teacher, a graduate or a proficient teacher, there’s a range of resources including videos and apps providing expert advice. There’s also information for educators working in regional and remote areas, and those supporting students with a disability. Read more.