Senior secondary

ACARA is responsible for the development of content and achievement standards for agreed senior secondary subjects. The senior secondary Australian Curriculum has been developed in accordance with design principles negotiated with states and territories. These specifications are included in ACARA’s Curriculum Design Paper v.3.1.

State and territory curriculum, assessment and certification authorities are responsible for the structure and organisation of their senior secondary courses and determine how they integrate the Australian Curriculum content and achievement standards into their courses. They also determine the assessment and certification specifications for their courses that use the Australian Curriculum content and achievement standards and any additional information, guidelines and rules to satisfy local requirements. Information about the integration and implementation plans for Senior Secondary in your state or territory is available here.

Curriculum Development Process (for English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography)


The final report from the 2010 consultation on senior secondary curriculum content was reviewed to identify the major issues. At the same time, conceptual models for senior secondary achievement standards were prepared and discussed with state and territory authorities.

January-March 2011

Advisory groups and writers revised the draft senior secondary Australian Curriculum (particularly rationale, aims, units, content descriptions) in line with consultation feedback and with reference to state and territory school and curriculum authorities.

April-July 2011

The draft curriculum was further revised in response to feedback from state and territories, teacher representatives and professional associations.

August-December 2011

Further development work and research on current standards in equivalent subjects in states and territories. Possible model/s for the achievement standards were further developed and tested; and draft achievement standards were developed for each subject.

Review of the curriculum continued with assistance of critical reviewers, content experts and advisory groups.

The consultation website was developed.

Bilateral meetings to review the curriculum with each state and territory curriculum authority.

January-May 2012

National public consultation proceeded including engagement with expert groups and key stakeholders. This consultation was very much focused on the appropriateness of the curriculum content and the achievement standards.

May-July 2012

Analysis of consultation data and agreement on ways forward and appropriate revisions made to the curriculum.

August-October 2012

Digital publication of the senior secondary Australian Curriculum.

December 2012


The curriculum development process for future senior secondary Australian Curriculum development is currently being reviewed.