Data portal user guide

The National Report on Schooling data portal provides a predetermined range of views, tables and charts for each data set. The charts and tables are interactive, enabling the user to filter the data by state and territory, school sector, school type or level, Indigeneity and other factors where appropriate. Once you have opened a data set, you can select the view you want from the list (top left of page) or scroll down to see the available views for that data set.

Making selections
Within each view, you can use one or more filters, as shown below, to select the most relevant data.
Please note that only one option (in this example one jurisdiction) should be selected in each filter at any one time. Selecting more than one option in a single drop-down box will cause double counting of values and provide incorrect results. 

In some data sets/views, selecting an option in one filter/drop-down box may change the options in other filters/drop-down boxes. If this happens and you cannot find what you want, then that combination of options is not available. For example, some data, such as Census data, are only available for some calendar years. To make a new selection, you can either select another option in the filter or refresh the page in the browser.

What happens if the table/chart is greyed out
When a table or chart is greyed out as shown below, click in the same place again or double-click anywhere in the table or chart to turn off the drill down function.


Hovering over to see more information about a value
In all views, hovering over points in a chart provides more information about those values, as shown in the example below.


How to download the data
The data portal also allows users to download the Excel data spreadsheets underlying the views and charts, for their own analysis.

To do this, use the download link preceding the notes and caveats near the end of each page, as shown below. 

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