The following data, sourced from the Australian Government Department of Education, shows enrolments and course completions by field of education and course level for initial and other types of teacher education.

Notes and caveats

    • 'Higher degree' includes doctorate by research, doctorate by coursework, masters by research and masters by coursework.
    • 'Other postgraduate' includes postgraduate qualifying or preliminary and graduate/postgraduate diploma and graduate certificate.
    • 'Bachelor' includes bachelor graduate entry, bachelor honours and bachelor pass.
    • 'Other undergraduate' includes associate degree, advanced diploma, diploma and other award courses.
    • 'Enabling and non-award' courses refers to bridging or supplementary teacher education programs, including bridging for overseas trained professionals.
    • 'Initial teacher education' refers to courses coded with a special course indicator: "A course providing initial teacher training".
    • 'Domestic enrolments' means enrolments by overseas students on visas are excluded.
    • The data include enrolments and qualifications for teachers in the early childhood, VET and higher education sectors as well as for primary and secondary school teachers.
    • The data takes into account the coding of combined courses to two fields of education. As a consequence, counting both fields of education for combined courses means that the total may be less than the sum of the individual fields of education.
    • Any data point with a value of less than 5 has been suppressed, and in order to maintain suppression in situations where only one data point within a total is suppressed, the next lowest data point has also been suppressed with "np" (not published).

Source: Australian Government Department of Education, Higher Education Student Statistics.

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