National Report on Schooling data portal 

ACARA is responsible for collecting, managing, analysing, evaluating and reporting statistical and related information about educational outcomes.

The data portal provides interactive access to a number of national data sets for schooling relevant to the annual national report on schooling in Australia. These include general statistics on schooling and the nationally agreed key performances measures (KPMs) for schooling specified in the Measurement Framework for Schooling in Australia 2015.

The data portal includes a dashboard of the nationally agreed KPMs at:
key performance measures for schooling in Australia

The data portal also includes data on:
school numbers
student numbers
staff numbers
student–teacher ratios
school funding
enrolment rates
student attendance
apparent retention
student participation and achievement in NAPLAN
NAP sample assessments
participation in vocational education and training (VET) including VET in schools

participation and attainment in education and work
school students with disability
teacher education

year 12 subject enrolments
year 12 certification rates

These data sets are sourced from various data collections, including the National School Statistics Collection, the National Student Attendance Data Collection, the Survey of Education and Work, finance data reported at the school level on the My School website and the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) on School Students with Disability. The spreadsheets available through the portal replace static tables published as Part 9 Additional statistics of previous editions of the national report on schooling in Australia.

Using the portal

The portal provides a predetermined range of views, tables and charts for each data set. The charts and tables are interactive, enabling the user to filter the data by state, school sector, school type or level, Indigeneity and other factors where appropriate. 

Users may click on relevant filters, such as those shown below, to select different views of the data. Please note that only one option (in this case one jurisdiction) may be selected in each filter at any one time. 

filter imagePBI dropdown

The portal also allows readers to download the data sheets behind the views and charts for their own analysis.

Data provided through the portal is updated regularly and aims to provide the user with the most up-to-date information available.

Please note that the Data Portal will include data for reporting years in advance of the annual publication of the National Report on Schooling in Australia.

Downloading the data

For users wishing to perform their own analyses of the data contained in the Portal, the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that underlie the views can be downloaded using either the download icon or the download link on each page in the examples below. 

DownloadDataset image


Please note that some functions of the “Slicers” and some chart labels are not fully compatible with Microsoft Excel 2010 and earlier versions.

Interpreting the data

All data should be interpreted with caution and in the relevant context. To avoid misinterpretation of data, the data in the data portal should be used/read in conjunction with the annual National Report on Schooling in Australia, and the notes and caveats associated with each part of the portal.

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