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NAP sample – science literacy assessments start

15 October 2018

Number of schools: 560. Number of students: 11,200. Runs 15 October – 2 November.

The NAP sample assessments are a suite of tests, deployed in a three-yearly cycle, which monitor student achievement in science literacy, ICT literacy, and civics and citizenship. This year is science literacy.

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ACARA CEO Robert Randall advises of his decision to move on in 2019

27 September 2018

Robert Randall will not be seeking a further three-year term as CEO of ACARA when his contract ends in 2019, he will continue in the role for the transition period.

From ACARA's Board Chair, Ms Belinda Robinson: 

Robert Randall, ACARA’s CEO, has advised me that he will not seek a further term as CEO when his current three-year term ends in February 2019. I speak on behalf of the entire ACARA Board, past and present, when I give my sincere thanks to Rob for his contribution over the years.

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No review of the Australian Curriculum

17 September 2018

Contrary to media speculation over the weekend, there is no review of the Australian Curriculum underway, and there is no ‘shift’ away from what has been agreed for Australia’s students to learn in school.

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ACARA Annual Report 2017–18

19 October 2018

Today we have published our annual report that documents ACARA’s performance and operations for the 2017–18 financial year.

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ACARA's new corporate plan published

31 August 2018

We have published our 2018–19 corporate plan, which sets the ACARA's purposes and performance measures for the 2018–19 year, as well as authority's responsibilities and priorities for the next four years.

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ACARA Board: new Chair

30 August 2018

ACARA’s CEO, Robert Randall, has welcomed the announcement of Ms Belinda Robinson as the new Chair of the ACARA Board.

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ACARA - Assessment


We run the National Assessment Program – the national tests students sit in school – including NAPLAN.

We undertake a range of research activities to deliver NAPLAN tests in an online environment in the future.

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