My School website

The My School website is updated with school information each year. Information currently on the website was published in March 2018. The site enables users to search the profiles of almost 10 000 Australian schools. Users can quickly locate statistical and contextual information about schools in the community and compare them with statistically similar schools across the country.
The My School website has two main purposes: 

  • It provides parents and students with information on each school - its view of itself and its mission, its staffing, its resources and its students' characteristics and their performances. 

  • It provides schools and their communities with comparisons of their students' performances in literacy and numeracy with those of students in other schools, most importantly those in schools that serve similar students. These comparisons provide information to support improvements in schools. Among schools with similar students, those achieving higher student performances can stimulate others to lift expectations of what they and their students can achieve. The schools with higher-performing students can be a source of information for others on the policies and practices that produce those higher performances. 

Features of My School include: 

  • easy-to-use school profile pages with key facts and figures 

  • a map / school location function

  • financial information for each school 

  • an indication of students' literacy and numeracy achievement as they progress through school

  • students' NAPLAN performance over a number of years.

Visit the My School website.