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ACARA Update, February 2020

Release of NAP Science Literacy report

The latest science results in the National Assessment Program (NAP) show that although the change has not been significant, there are signs Australian students’ understanding of scientific concepts is on the up, with Year 6 students achieving their best results since the sample assessments began in 2003.

The NAP – Science Literacy assessments, held in October and November 2018, show that at the national level, 58 per cent of Year 6 students attained the proficient standard. This is the highest percentage of students to achieve the proficient standard since the assessments were introduced. (In 2015, 55 per cent of students reached the standard; in 2012, it was 51 per cent.)

Read more in ACARA's media release (PDF 79 kb)  

Visit the NAP website to:


2019 NAPLAN National Report released

The 2019 NAPLAN National Report has been released, confirming the initial findings of the preliminary information published in August 2019.

“The NAPLAN results for 2019 show that since 2008 – the first year of NAPLAN – there have been statistically significant gains in a number of domains and year levels, particularly at the primary school level,” said David de Carvalho, CEO of ACARA.

“At the national level, compared to 2008, the performance of Australian students in Year 5 numeracy, Years 3 and 5 reading, Years 3 and 5 spelling, and Year 3 grammar was significantly above the NAPLAN 2008 average.”

Read our media release (PDF 119 kb).

Visit the 'National reports' page of the NAP website to read the full report.

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Updated Measurement Framework for Schooling in Australia

The updated Measurement Framework for Schooling in Australia has been published on the ACARA website, following the Education Council's endorsement. The measurement framework is used as the basis for reporting to the community on progress towards the Melbourne Declaration and the newly signed Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians.

View the Measurement Framework for Schooling in Australia on this website


NAPLAN Online practice testing in schools

NAPLAN online

Schools preparing to undertake NAPLAN Online in May 2020 are conducting practice testing from 23 March to 24 April.

Participation in the practice test provides students with another opportunity to become familiar with the types of questions in NAPLAN Online. Schools will also be able to practise test processes and procedures prior to the NAPLAN assessments in May. The practice test will replicate key aspects of the May event, including administration processes, but will not produce student test results.

Students, teachers and parents can also use the public demonstration site to become familiar with NAPLAN Online assessments.