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10 April 2019

My School website updated with 2018 NAPLAN data

This morning, My School website was updated for 2019 to provide up-to-date, readily accessible information about all of Australia’s schools. 

My School provides information that assists parents, school leaders, teachers and governments in understanding the performance of schools and helps parents engage with their children’s education.

My School gives nationally consistent information about Australian schools for use by parents, school communities and governments.

The 2019 My School update contains:

  • 2018 NAPLAN results for schools
  • 2018 school profile and population data
  • 2017 school financial information, including capital expenditure and sources of funding.

Read ACARA's media release (PDF 100 kb).

My School

NAPLAN 2018 National Report released 

On Monday 8 April, we released the NAPLAN 2018 National Report (PDF 11.4 mb), which confirms the initial findings of the preliminary information we published in August 2018.

This report provides further information to the preliminary release: comparisons of performance by gender, Indigenous status, language background other than English, parental occupation, parental education, and school location.

“The report confirms that since 2008, there have been statistically significant gains in several domains and year levels, particularly at the primary school level,” said ACARA CEO, David de Carvalho.

The 2018 NAPLAN Test Incidents Report (PDF 155 kb) was also released. Test incidents can include cheating, security breaches and other ‘general breaches’.

Of the 68 test incidents substantiated in 2018, one was cheating, 20 were a security breach and 47 were a ‘general breach’. For comparison, there were 69 test incidents in 2017.

The number of reported test incidents is extremely small and does not affect overall NAPLAN results.

For more information, read:

NAPLAN nat report