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August 2019

NAPLAN 2019 summary information released 

Today ACARA has released the NAPLAN 2019 summary information, providing preliminary results at the national, and state and territory level for each school year (3, 5, 7 and 9) and for all domains tested in NAPLAN.  

The data provide comparisons of 2019 results with 2018 and with base years (2008 for numeracy, reading and conventions of language; and 2011 for writing).   

NAPLAN is in a period of transition, and this year around 50 per cent of schools across the country undertook NAPLAN online. 

The national summary preliminary NAPLAN results for 2019 show: 

Compared with 2018:  

  • There has been an upturn for all student writing results, particularly Year 3, compared with last year.
  • For the other test domains, results were close to, or not statistically significantly different, compared with last year. 

Compared with the base year, 2008 (or 2011 for writing):  

  • The performance of Australian students in Year 5 numeracy, Years 3 and 5 reading, Years 3 and 5 spelling, and Year 3 grammar was above the NAPLAN 2008 average.   
  • Years 7 and 9 achievement in writing was below the NAPLAN 2011 average.  

Visit the NAP website to view the NAPLAN summary data

Read the ‘NAPLAN 2019 summary information’ media release (PDF 154 kb)



ACARA hosts representatives from the Indian National Council of Education Research and Training

ACARA has hosted a small delegation from the Indian National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT). The Council is an autonomous organisation established in 1961 by the Indian Government to assist and advise the central and state governments on policies and programs for qualitative improvement in school education.

Professor Ranjana Arora, Head of the Department of Curriculum Studies, and Professor Pratyusu Kumar Mandal, Head of the International Relations Division, visited ACARA and other Australian education agencies with the primary purpose of learning how Australia undertakes curriculum development.

Indian delegation