ACARA Update extra, 11 May 2015

20150511 NAPLAN


NAPLAN 2015: 12–14 May

Tomorrow around one million students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will take part in the National Assessment Program – literacy and numeracy (NAPLAN) assessments for 2015.

The annual national assessment helps parents and educators to see how Australian students are performing in the fundamental areas of literacy and numeracy, and to track their growth and achievements in these areas over time.

ACARA’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Randall, says parents and teachers should place NAPLAN into context for their children.

“NAPLAN’s purpose is to identify, as early as possible, a child’s strengths and areas for development, to make sure they are progressing in literacy and numeracy,” Mr Randall says. “NAPLAN is not high-stakes testing; it amounts to less than four hours, four times in a student’s life over seven years of schooling”.

Mr Randall says that some nervousness is natural – just as a child may find other school events or end of term tests a little confronting.

“But remember: what is taught in the classroom is what is in the NAPLAN tests. There is no need for additional studying.”

NAPLAN has been an important part of the school year since 2008; it continues to improve over time. This year, the writing component of the tests will include two prompts – one for Years 3 and 5, and another for Years 7 and 9. From next year, the Australian Curriculum – which is now being implemented from Foundation till Year 10 in all states and territories – will be aligned with NAPLAN. And from 2017, NAPLAN will start to be delivered online, on an opt-in basis over two–three years.

“For some students, 2015 may be the last time they take a paper-based NAPLAN test,” Mr Randall says. “Moving NAPLAN online from 2017 will mean better tests that meet the needs of all students, including those with a disability, as well as more precise results with the use of a tailored test design.

“Students taking NAPLAN this week will receive their results from mid-August to mid-September. Another major benefit of NAPLAN online will be a faster turnaround of information – around two weeks – for educators and parents to receive their child’s results.”

The 2015 NAPLAN tests conclude on Thursday 14 May.

For more information, visit the ACARA website and the NAP website.