Testimonials, June 2015


NAPLAN: opinions.  The Australian, 23 June 2015 (subscription required)

Parents love honest, open accountable government and education, and what are schools charged with doing? Teach, and NAPLAN does a good job at measuring that - and a far better job than what existed before - because before NAPLAN, there was NOTHING.

Yes it measures maths, reading, and so on... not basket-weaving skills. At the end of the day, schools are there to TEACH our kids, and it measures that. Your teachers write school reports so you know how the touchy-feely stuff is going, and you can get the whole picture!

NAPLAN tests the most basic numeracy and literacy skills. Students who have the basic skills have no reason to be stressed. It's easy.

While NAPLAN tests have flaws (what tests don't?) if a kid cannot read, write and add up in comparision to his peers, there is an issue and it needs to be resolved.

We need more standardised testing not less. We need to be able to assess school performance so that those schools that consistently fail to meet basic standards can be identified. We also need to identify those teachers that consistently underachieve. We need to reward excellent teachers and weed out the poor performers. But most importantly, parents need information so they can make an informed choice about which school will best suit their kids.