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The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is an independent statutory authority that will improve the learning of all young Australians through world-class school curriculum, assessment and reporting.

Curriculum: We take a national approach to education through developing and implementing a robust and comprehensive national curriculum. Visit the Australian Curriculum website for more information.

Assessment: We run the National Assessment Program – the national tests students sit in school – including NAPLAN. We undertake a range of research activities to deliver NAPLAN tests in an online environment in the future.

Reporting: We are responsible for collecting and publishing information on My School about the performance and resources of more than 9500 schools around the country. We publish a range of reports, including the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) national report.


Rob Randall, ACARA CEO: NAPLAN student reports   


Top news 

NAPLAN: looking to the future

26 August 2015

"Educators have an obligation to prepare children not only for the world that is here, but also for the world that is coming," says ACARA CEO, Robert Randall.

Read the full opinion piece in The Educator


Research to support NAPLAN online commences

21 August 2015

Federal, state and territory education ministers have agreed that NAPLAN will move online from 2017, over a two–three year period. ACARA is responsible for developing the NAPLAN online test and is undertaking comprehensive research and trialling to make sure we are all ready to move NAPLAN online.

From 24 August 2015, a sample of students across the nation will take part in two research studies in an online environment.

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The Australian Curriculum – setting expectations for all young Australians

7 August 2015

The Australian Curriculum sets expectations for what all young Australians should be taught, regardless of where in Australia they live. It means that students now have access to the same content, and their achievements can be judged against the same standards. The Australian Curriculum gives teachers stability to focus on the quality of their teaching, while being a living document that can evolve and change.

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Improving the Australian Curriculum

7 August 2015

ACARA is seeking to improve the learning of all young Australians through the development of a national curriculum. Work is underway to improve the Australian Curriculum, addressing themes endorsed by the Education Council. These themes are: uncrowding the curriculum; rebalancing the curriculum; improving accessibility for students with disability; and parental engagement.

ACARA is undertaking a program of work of developing, consulting and seeking agreement in relation to proposed actions. This includes undertaking targeted consultation with key stakeholders, including state and territory curriculum, and school authorities and practising teachers, around any changes.

See our new factsheet on what ACARA is doing to address themes to improve the Australian Curriculum (PDF 185 kb)

NAPLAN 2015 results: some improvements, time to reflect

5 August 2015

Today ACARA has released the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) 2015 summary information.

Overall, the results from the NAPLAN tests in May show stable national achievement, as well as some improvements nationally and in each state and territory (for some year levels and some domains).

ACARA CEO, Robert Randall, says that while stability is good, parents and educators may expect more improvement over time.

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What's new

ACARA releases Corporate Plan

31 August 2015

ACARA has released its Corporate Plan for 2015–16.

ACARA’s Chair, Emeritus Professor Steven Schwartz, AM, says: “Over the course of the following five years, I am confident that the Australian public will see significant progress in relation to each of the authority’s programs of work … and that these efforts will in turn make an important contribution to improving educational outcomes across Australia".

Read ACARA’s Corporate Plan (PDF 1.8 mb)

National Literacy and Numeracy Week 2015

31 August 2015

National Literacy and Numeracy Week will be held from 31 August to 6 September 2015. The Week celebrates the importance of literacy and numeracy skills in schools across Australia and aligns with other important events, including Indigenous Literacy Day on Wednesday 2 September. ACARA encourages teachers, parents, schools and students to get involved in National Literacy and Numeracy Week activities.

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Technology: an integral part of the future

26 August 2015

When used properly, technology has helped to refine and improve every industry that operates today. It has allowed the society to adapt and respond to demands of the modernising and maturing world. Across industries, technology has simplified complex activities and significantly reduced time spent on others.

People discuss building an education system for the 21st century. At ACARA, we are looking further – to a world that does not yet exist but most certainly includes technology as its basis.

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New app to engage parents

21 August 2015

A new mobile app, which encourages parents to become more involved in their children’s education, is now available to download free on Apple and Android devices. Developed by the Australian Government’s Department of Education, in consultation with ACARA, the app offers access to articles and informative videos, as well as practical tips and suggestions for parents of children from pre-primary to high school.

Webinar on the Review of the Australian Curriculum

21 August 2015

ACARA’s General Manager, Curriculum, Dr Phil Lambert, recently participated in a webinar presentation to Australian Publishers Association members about ACARA’s actions in responding to the Review of the Australian Curriculum.

View the webinar

Designing lessons for gifted and talented students 

13 August 2015

Teachers of gifted and talented students can access relevant and engaging materials that are drawn from the Australian Curriculum.

Illustrations of Personalised Learning are a suite of materials that show how teachers can use the Australian Curriculum to make adjustments for gifted and talented students. Illustrations of Personalised Learning comprise a video showcasing a particular school’s approach, along with additional resources for teachers including the relevant references to the Australian Curriculum, questions for staff discussion and program documents.

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The Australian Curriculum website: tell us what you think

12 August 2015

We are currently undertaking a user survey of the Australian Curriculum website and we want to hear from you!

With over 18 million page views last year, the Australian Curriculum website is a popular place to visit. We want you to tell us what you like about it, what you don’t like, and how we could go about improving it.

The survey will be open until 30 September and will only take a few minutes.

View the survey

NAPLAN 2015 individual student reports

11 August

NT          Delivery from Monday 3 August, with all reports in schools no later than week
               commencing Monday 24 August

Qld         First mail-out from Monday 27 July, with bulk of reports expected in schools by
               Wednesday 5 August, remote schools by Friday 14 August

SA          Delivery to schools between Friday 14 August and Friday 21 August

Tas.        Reports expected in schools by Monday 17 August

Vic.         Distribution of reports from week commencing Monday 17 August

WA         Distribution of reports from week commencing Monday 17 August

NSW      Delivery commences on Tuesday 18 August 2015, with all reports expected to
               be in schools by Friday 21 August

ACT       All reports will be delivered to schools by Friday 21 August

Statement from Professor Steven Schwartz, AM, ACARA Chair: improving the Australian Curriculum

7 August 2015

The Australian Curriculum sets high expectations for students to aspire to, wherever they live in Australia. Our national assessment programs measure whether students are meeting these high standards and show us where learning needs to improve. Changes have been made to the Australian Curriculum following its review and will be submitted to the Education Council in September. The curriculum will continue to be monitored and maintained to ensure it is up to date for the benefit of all Australian students.


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